Your Simple Process to Home Buying

Your home mortgage is one of the biggest and most important investments you will ever make. Trust my experience and expertise to help you through the mortgage process. Whether you are interested in buying or refinancing, I can walk you through every step of the mortgage process.

Step 1. Application

Applying online is simple and secure. Information required for the online application includes income, employment and assets. By evaluating credit, income and assets, I can advise you of the best possible financing options. Completion of the application process allows me to provide a pre-approval letter once you find a home. If you are refinancing, it enables us to move to the next step in the process.

Step 2. Approval

Once you have a signed purchase agreement or have made the decision to refinance, I provide loan estimates and current mortgage interest rates. By evaluating current market trends, I give recommendations on when to lock in your mortgage interest rate. An appraisal and title work will be ordered for your home. Updated information, including current asset account statements, recent pay stubs, W-2’s and photo identification, will be required prior to submitting your loan for final underwriting. Occasionally, an underwriter may ask for additional documentation. Throughout the loan process, I am available for any questions or concerns that may arise. When someone is waiting for information as important as the financing of a home, there can't be too much communication. My pledge is to keep clients informed every step of the way.


Step 3. Closing

The closing completes the mortgage process. Once you have signed all of the documents at the closing, you will be given the keys to your new home or have a new mortgage on your existing home. You can rest assured there will be no surprises at closing. I have the experience to foresee and handle potential problems before they arise. Home financing should be simple, straightforward and stress free. The guidance I provide will take the stress out of your home financing experience.